Moses Bowness
Susan Premru
Moses Bowness
Ambleside’s first Photographer    Active 1856-1894
              First stanzas of Moses poems


A newspaper for Ambleside,
 It is indeed a prize
Which has been wished for many years,
 So we will patronize;
And I will sing of Ambleside,
 Its Mountains, Lakes and Ghylls,
Its dear old folk, who love to talk,
 About their neighbour’s ills.

                          OLD  JIM.

Whilst some dream of sunshine, of birds and of flowers,
And some of their lovers and magical bowers,
Then deem me not weak if I try to portray,
And sing of old Jim, the old shepherd at ----    *

Yes, Jim is a shepherd – it is his delight
To tend sheep and cattle from morning till night,
He is cared for and trusted, and journeys through life
Right happily on with old Nanny, his wife.
                               . . .

            JOHN  PATTY.

Old  John is dead, no more we’ll meet
His bent old form along the street,
No more will hunger pierce his breast,
For he has gone to his long rest.

No more he’ll come our aid to seek,
With watery eyes and pallid cheek,
To tell us he is very poor,
While shivering at the kitchen door.
                . . . .

          A  MEMORY.

I saw her in earliest childhood,
 I saw, and admired her then;
For innocence is ever refreshing
 To the spirit of world-worn men.
Her movements so graceful and childlike
 Were dear to my artist’s eye,
And I said I will paint her picture
 Lest this dear little one should die.
                  . . .
These are the first stanzas of his poems which can be read in full in  
Susan Premru’s book listed in Sources on this site & in Kendal Library


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