Moses Bowness
Susan Premru
Moses Bowness
Ambleside’s first Photographer    Active 1856-1894
References to articles etc. about Moses Bowness.

1.  Photo Essay Moses Bowness on Radio Cumbria’s web-site Jan. 2007 & ongoing.
    Very early stages of research requesting any further information. Now being revised.

2 Exhibition in The Local Studies, Kendal Library August–Sept 2007 showing research to date and trying to elicit more information.

3 Article in The Friends of the Lake District member’s magazine
‘Conserving Lakeland’ - Winter/Spring 2008 edition. “In Search of Moses Bowness” pp.23,23.

4 Academic article in the Transactions of the Cumberland & Westmorland Antiquarian & Archaeological Society.     CWAAS
2009  Vol IX.  pp 225-231. with footnotes and references.
“Moses Bowness, Photographer, and the Promotion of Tourism in the Nineteenth Century.”

5  April 2009 published a small booklet with some of his poems transcribed along with some articles. “19th Century Poems in the Earliest Editions of the Ambleside Herald by MB.” Subtitled “Moses Bowness, Photographer, Poet, Farmer, and Entrepreneur.”

6. Book enlarged and reprinted July 2009 to include item about Poet Close.

7. Talk & slide show at the Winter Events Programme supported by the Arts Council North West & The Westmorland Arts Trust in the Jerwood Centre, The Wordsworth Trust. Feb. 2010.

Susan Premru at her
Kendal  Exhibition
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Susan Premru has been researching the previously unrecorded life and work of
Moses Bowness for several years. The references to the development of her
studies, and her publications are listed here.   
                                       Any more information about him is very welcome.
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Slide show of new visit
from a later Prince of Wales
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 to Burneside Brass Band
April 2 & 3
Today’s thought
The local man on the
portrait page maybe didn’t
Row for Cambridge, but he
was in the first Trinity boat,
and in 1856 rowed with 3
others a thousand miles,
from Paris to Switzerland
then down to Bonn. He Was
from Hawkshead.
The boat was a 4 oared gig called
April 4th
5th April
A contribution from Cathy Wilson
About Brathay Church.
Members of the Barratt family
22 April
New useful link
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13 May 2010
See what might
have delighted
Moses HERE . .
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More old portraits
4 June
Moses’ children
28 July
Local history.
Sawrey Church
142 years ago
1 October
Moses helps
A wounded youth
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4 Feb. A warning from
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