Sawrey Church
Moses Bowness
Susan Premru
Moses Bowness
Ambleside’s first Photographer    Active 1856-1894
It is interesting to speculate
whether Moses photographed
the new building.
By this date he had photographed
a number of the people named

Those viewers with sharp eyes
may recognise them.

Try Victorian Photographs
This item from the Kendal Mercury, found in Kendal Library 142 years to the day, throws light on
how the local Communities from the area came together in a joint fund-raising effort.
The article the following month takes the whole of two columns and reports it in length -
dwelling greatly on the dreadful weather of the first day, and details the stalls
and their organisers.The anonymous author, while praising the huge efforts, seems to be
having a great deal of fun with the whole thing!

          Here we see a reference to Poet Close.
Sawrey Church is reported to
Have cost £2000 and needed
£800 to finish payment.
“Mr Brass of London designed it
‘Gratuitously’, but to date has
no steeple.”

Does anyone have an old
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